A couple buy a house, but they also get an unexpected threat in “Ruthless Realtor”

A couple buy a house, but they also get an unexpected threat in "Ruthless Realtor"

Maybe it’s just that I always have a poor dude’s mentality, but only starting to wonder about thinking of having to buy a house gives me a big headache. And if I had to start the process of searching, choosing, deciding, and, eventually, paying for one I can only describe it as a nightmare. Buy, hey, I can understand people who are in that moment of their life where they feel like settling down and making that huge real state investment. See how things are that if the process itself can be metaphorically called a hell, just imagine if you have to deal with a psycho who is not only threatening your mental health but also your life! Again, we don’t have to imagine much because here we have a movie that serves us the conflict. Here comes the thriller Ruthless Realtor (2020).

In the movie, when Annie and Ralph Savage move into their dream home, their happiness is interrupted by their off-kilter realtor, Meg, who shows up at their home frequently unannounced and is obsessed with their relationship. As Annie and Ralph become increasingly uncomfortable with Meg’s behavior, they push her away, but Meg refuses to go quietly, claiming someone is out to kill the Savages. As Meg continues to show up in their lives, the police get involved and arrest Meg. But when Meg sends Annie a packet of information about the house to prove previous homeowners have been targeted by a deadly prowler, Annie begins to wonder if Meg is really unhinged or trying to save their lives.

Ruthless Realtor (2020) is the new movie by the tandem of filmmakers Devon Downs and Kenny Gage, responsible for other thrillers like Twisted Sisters (2016), A Neighbor’s Deception (2017), Devious Nanny (2018), Hidden Intentions (2018), and A Daughter’s Deception (2019), and the horror Cynthia (2018).

The movie, originally called The Realtor, is starred by Christie Burson, Lily Anne Harrison, Brian Ames, Alexandra Peters, Neil Lewis, Victoria Cruz, Andrew Pagana, George Akram, and Ben Kliewer.

Ruthless Realtor (2020) is available on Lifetime Television and Apple TV. Here you can watch its official trailer.

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