A mole in the Men in Black organization. New trailer for “Men in Black: International”

A mole in the Men in Black organization. New trailer for "Men in Black: International"
Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson in a scene of Men in Black: International (2019)

It was back in 1997 when a comedian and musician turned into emerging movies star called Will Smith and a veteran and respected actor called Tommy Lee Jones joined action comedies director Barry Sonnenfeld to give form to a movie called Men in Black (1997). The adventures of these interstellar police force was a perfect example of entertaining summer hit movies, mixing buddy action comedies, science fiction and a silly but effective plot. Surely the result wasn’t the best thing ever seen, but it worked as a fun show for young and adult movie goes. And it got two sequels following its recipe, Men in Black II (2002) and Men in Black 3 (2012).

Men in Black: International (2019) is loosely based on the series of comics The Men in Black created by Lowell Cunningham. This time, the center of the action is happening in Europe, where a London-based team of Men in Black (MIB) secret agents become involved in a murder mystery that sends them traveling the globe. Chris Hemsworth (Thor (2011), The Cabin in the Woods (2012)) is Agent H, Tessa Thompson (Annihilation (2018), Creed (2015)) is Agent M, Liam Neeson (Darkman (1990), Taken (2008)) is the head of the UK branch of MIB and Emma Thompson (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004)) is Agent O, the head of the US branch of MIB, a role she is reprising from the previous entry in the saga Men in Black 3 (2012).

With the change of the main stars also came a change of director. F. Gary Gray, specialized with action thrillers like The Negotiator (1998), A Man Apart (2003) and The Italian Job (2003), was behind the cameras in Men in Black: International (2019). Art Marcum and Matt Holloway, the tandem who also wrote Punisher: War Zone (2008), Iron Man (2008) and Transformers: The Last Knight (2017), were in charge of the screenplay.

Sony Pictures has released today a new official trailer of Men in Black: International (2019), that is coming out to theaters this June.

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