A radio star in trouble in horror-thriller “Feedback”

A radio star in trouble in horror-thriller "Feedback"
Eddie Marsan and Alana Boden in a scene of Feedback (2019)

Despite Feedback (2019) being his debut feature film, Pedro C. Alonso has been lucky enough to get surrounded by a group of interesting and experienced filmmakers, and attractive cast.  Produced by the people who brought Cell 211 (2009) and Extinction (2015), this psychological horror-thriller centers a radio star experiencing the worst night of his life when stalkers assault the radio station where he’s working.

This USA and Spain production has been written by the director, together with Alberto Marini, one of the most notorious Spanish producers and writers in the genres of horror who has been the producer of the REC saga, and also the writer of international titles like South Korean Door Lock (2018), German Steig. Nicht. Aus! (2018), Spanish Sleep Tight (aka Mientras Duermes) (2011), British Romasanta (2004), and Summer Camp (2015), which he also directed.

Feedback (2019) is starred by an attractive cast including Eddie Marsan (The World’s End (2013), Sherlock Holmes (2009), V for Vendetta (2005)), Paul Anderson (Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011), Legend (2015), The Revenant (2015)), Ivana Baquero (Pan’s Labyrinth (2006), The New Daughter (2009), Another Me (2013)), Richard Brake (Doom (2005), 31 (2016), 3 from Hell (2019)), Oliver Coopersmith (iBoy (2017)), Alexis Rodney (Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)), Anthony Head (Repo! The Genetic Opera (2008)), Alana Boden, and Nacho Aldeguer.

Staged in London, 2019, in Feedback (2019) Jarvis Dolan is a charismatic host of a radio show named The Grim Reality, about news and actuality. Loudmouth, fun and ruthless in his speeches and comments, Jarvis is the most important radio star of the moment, entertaining the audience throughout the early morning with his intelligent programs on hot topics. Previous the job, Dolan is required by his boss Norman Burgess to have a brief talk about the fate of the program by the recent poor ratings, that reporting Dolan to accept to his former partner, Andrew Wilde, as co-host, in an attempt to improve the show. Going they two to the studio, Wilde meets Dolan’s assistants, Anthony and Claire, who work making the show behind the microphones. But when Dolan tries to start the program while he waits for Wilde, who had to go out a little before to back more later, he finds suddenly trapped by the circumstances: two masked men have assaulted the radio station at gunpoint and kidnapped Anthony and Claire, making him keep the program opened to force a Wilde’s public confession about a horrible night happened some years ago, where two teen girls were forced in a hotel room. Trying to save Wilde and himself, Dolan interviews Wilde, who trapped by Dolan’s questions he learns about the out-of-control situation too much late and in bad terms.

After a Spanish theatrical release early last year, Feedback (2019) had been part of several film festivals around Europe including FrightFest, Fantasy Filmfest, and Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival. Now, this weekend it’s scheduled to have a limited theatrical release. Here you can find the official trailer for the movie:

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