A young girl is left for dead but comes back as a superhuman in “I Am Lisa”

A young girl is left for dead but comes back as a superhuman in "I Am Lisa"
Kristen Vaganos in I Am Lisa (2020)

I Am Lisa (2020) is one of those independent horror films that have their home in genre festivals, where the goers are thirsty for some bloody gory good stories and magic happen in the theaters. Because revenge films always have this thing that can get in our bones, but when it also has a supernatural and monster twist it’s when it really gets to our hearts.

A sadistic small-town sheriff and her underlings brutalize Lisa and leave her for dead in the woods. Bitten by a werewolf and bestowed with supernatural abilities, can Lisa retain her humanity as she exacts revenge?

I Am Lisa (2020) has been directed by Patrick Rea, responsible for awards winner horror flick Nailbiter (2013). Eric Winkler has been in charge of the screenplay. The main cast is formed by Kristen Vaganos, Jennifer Seward, Manon Halliburton, Carmen Anello, Carmen Anello, Cinnamon Schultz, Sarah McGuire, Millie Milan, Shawn Eric Jones, and Brooklyn Funk.

The film was part of the line-up in FrightFest London this past summer, and now it’s scheduled for a release on October 9, 2020. Here you can watch the trailer for I Am Lisa (2020).

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