An urban legend creature hunts teenagers in slasher horror “Backwoods”

An urban legend creature hunts teenagers in slasher horror "Backwoods"
Michael Anthony Bagozzi in Backwoods (2020). Photo © Fighting Owl Films

Slasher films are one of the favorites for the horror audience, so it is not a surprise that the rivers of blood shared by teenagers massacred by deranged serial killers won’t stop flowing anytime soon. Backwoods (2020) is one of the new additions to the list in the subgenre, and it looks like an interesting one to keep in mind.

In it, high school cheerleader Molly woke bound and gagged in the trunk of her boyfriend’s car. That was the high point of her night. After escaping her abductor and fleeing into the nearby forest, she comes face-to-face with the town urban legend: The Hangman, a deformed zealot said to hang male trespassers and keep the women as “brides”. Now, Molly, along with her best friend and would-be rescuer Noah must work together to avoid becoming his latest victims.

The movie has been directed by Thomas Smith. He has also been the producer and co-writer together with Erin Lilley, the duo responsible for horror and adventures Demon Squad (2019) and several genre short films.

Jeremy Sande, Isabella Alberti, Tahj Vaughans, Michael Anthony Bagozzi, Bryce Goleman, Angelina Alberti, Elliot Hamilton, and Matthew McCoy form the main cast together with producer and co-writer Erin Lilley in a supporting role, and Scott Alan Warner as the wicked serial killer The Hangman.

The movie was part of the Another Hole in the Head Genre Film Festival this year where it won the award for Best Horror Film. It is scheduled for a release on the 1st of December, 2020. Here you can watch the trailer for Backwoods (2020).

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