“It: Chapter Two” announced and Andy Muschietti wants Jessica Chastain for a role

"It: Chapter Two" announced and Andy Muschietti wants Jessica Chastain for a role

Well, it is already official, Andy Muschietti’s It (2017) is one of the most successful horror movies of all time. Only on the opening weekend, it grossed 117 million dollars only in the USA, and 180 million dollars worldwide. And those figures are going to do nothing but raise, since the enormous success of the movie will attract more people to the theaters and some countries are still yet to release the film (this weekend it opens in France and the 28th of September in German speaking countries).

It is not a surprise that New Line Cinema, producers of the movie, wasted no time in announcing a sequel for It (2017), provisionally entitled It: Chapter Two, and with Andy Muschietti again behind the cameras. This time, Chapter Two will take place 27 years after the events of the first movie, the ‘Loser’s Club‘ has split up and started their own happy lives, until a devastating phone call brings them back together where It all started.

Director Andy Muschietti has stated publicly that he wants actress Jessica Chastain to play the grown up version of Beverly, one of the kid roles on the first film. The friendship between the director and the actress date since she starred Muschietti’s debut film Mama (2013), which happened to be a great career breakout. In the words of the director, Chastain loves his modern time version of It (2017), so the two of them would be glad to work together again. Many ideas and other names are flowing, and it will be a matter of matching their agendas to make the collaboration happen. Also, Muschietti stated that the idea for the sequel is much darker than the original Stephen King novel was, which is always good stuff.

Watch the trailer for It (2017) here:

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