Check out found-footage horror flick “Pærish”

Check out found-footage horror flick "Pærish"

Pærish (2020) is a horror-mystery thriller that can be included in the found footage sub-genre. In it, a thumb drive from the dark web reveals disturbing footage documenting three American filmmakers on a script writing trip to rural Quebec. The movie had a limited screening on July 24, 2020, at Cinemas Guzzo in Canada where it was well received by the audience who praised the plot twists and originality that makes it stand in front of many of the rest of found footage productions.

Mehran Torgoley debuts as the director of a feature film after his awarded short film Committed (2014). Llana Barron serves again as the co-writer of the screenplay and the main star of the film. Together with her, Lex Wilson, Jordan Kaplan, Agathe Salzmann, Roxane Delisle, Mike D. Smith, David Robert Donatucci, and Casey Nolan also star.

Here you can watch the official trailer for Pærish (2020).

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