Check out the teaser trailer for “Ballet Blanc”, in theaters on November 8th

Check out the teaser trailer for "Ballet Blanc", in theaters on November 8th

Mystery can take many forms. But when the horror is an innocent-looking young boy then things are taking another horrific dimension. Because, how do you fight against that? Who might have the nerve to kill a little boy, even if your life and soul depend on that? And pretty much this is the premise to find in Ballet Blanc (2019), where the first fragile but then wicked kid mysteriously appears in a nondescript small town as some fear he’s set to unleash his reign of terror.

Ballet Blanc (2019) is starred by Shelley Starrett, Colter Carlbom-Mann, Brian Woods, Franco Fox, Shawn Eugene Pendleton, and Catherine Lassesen. It is the new movie written and directed by Californian filmmaker Anne-Sophie Dutoit after signing a handful of mystery and science-fiction oriented dramas like Purple Sail (2011), Frost Winterhawk (2011), Before the Sky Turned Blue (2011) and To 66 (2012), which she often also starred.  She has been one of youngest directors in the horror genre, with her first screenplay written at sixteen and her first feature shot at eighteen.

As it has been mention as additional information from the movie, director Anne-Sophie Dutoit has brought her own experience, from the ballet world to the screen. “Working on the idea of a performer turned evil by their instructor, this director explores a bloody, violent world as seen in the film’s first teaser. Now, only one force can stop this child (Colter Carlbom-Mann), or there is no more hope for good”.

Ballet Blanc (2019) had its world premiere at Downtown LA Film Festival on October 21, 2018. It was also winner of the Freaky Award for Best Actor and Best Actress at Freak Show Horror Film Festival 2018. Now it is scheduled to have a limited theatrical release on November 15, 2019, after which will arrive on DVD and on Digital platforms in January 2020 via Indican Pictures. Here you can find its trailer from the official Anne-Sophie Films YouTube channel:

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