Check out the trailer for the new Paco Plaza’s movie “Eye For An Eye”

Check out the trailer for the new Paco Plaza's movie "Eye For An Eye"
Luis Tosar in a scene of Eye For An Eye (aka Quien A Hierro Mata) (2019)

Together with his pal Jaume Balagueró, filmmaker Paco Plaza released the 2 best Spanish horror movies of the last decades, the high-adrenaline [Rec] (2007) and its not less intense sequel [Rec] 2 (2009). But his solo filmography also contains a good set of titles, always in the terrains of horror and fantasy, where movies like Verónica (2017) or Romasanta (2004) stand from the rest.

For his new movie he has decided to explore the genre of revenge thriller set in the Spanish northern area of Galicia, a land known as much for its beautiful coasts and landscapes as for its political corruption and intense drug trafficking. Quien A Hierro Mata (2019), entitled Eye for an Eye for the international market, tells the story of Mario, a retirement home nurse about to have a child, and Antonio, a drug dealer whose illness is making him totally dependent. After struggling with the death of his brother Sergio, Mario looks forward to a new chapter in his life with the arrival of his first child. But when cartel boss is discharged from prison and put into Mario’s care, he begins to question whether his duty of care is more important than the lives this man has destroyed. When their paths cross, everyone chooses the same exit: revenge.

Luis Tosar, one of the best Spanish thriller and crime actors of his generation and star of films like Gun City (2018), Toro (2016), Sleep Tight (2011) or Cell 211 (2009), and who even played the villain in Hollywood production Miami Vice (2006), plays the main role in Quien A Hierro Mata (2019). Together with him, María Vázquez, Pablo Guisa Koestinger, Xan Cejudo, Tania Lamata, Daniel Currás, Ismael Martínez, Enric Auquer, Hugo Sa Ferreira, María Luisa Mayol, and Víctor Duplá also star.

As it happened with Verónica (2017), the latest work of filmmaker Paco Plaza, popular streaming platform Netflix has bought the worldwide distribution rights of the movie Quien A Hierro Mata (2019), and it’s rumored to be released in August this year. Find here the trailer of the movie in original Spanish language:

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