Dark Sci-Fi Thriller “Transference” is out this week (trailer)

Dark Sci-Fi Thriller "Transference" is out this week (trailer)

Transference (2020), also known as Transference: Escape the Dark, is a dark science-fiction thriller about a brother who hunted by an unstoppable secret agent must hide his twin sister and her supernatural abilities so that she does not fall prey to becoming an experiment in a classified government program.

In the movie, a twelve-year-old boy, Joshua, is charged with the protection of his twin sister when their father passes, but she possesses a special ability and his greatest challenge will not be keeping her safe but keeping her hidden. Twenty years later, Joshua is struggling to cope with the events of his childhood and the choices he has made since. Out of desperation, he places Emma in a psychiatric compound against her will.  Joshua is driven to the world of underground crime to maintain their secret. But he cannot earn enough to hide their past and someone has followed their trail of destruction.  When a sinister visitor attempts to remove Emma from his care, Joshua comes to the most important realization he can make for himself, his sister, and the world.

Transference (2020) has been directed by Matthew Ninaber, who also wrote the screenplay together with Jennifer Lloyd and Aaron Tomlin. The same team was responsible for the short film Transference (2015), which was the inception of the movie. Matthew Ninaber, Tony Nash, Jeremy Ninaber, Melissa Joy Boerger, Eamon Hanson, Rikki Wright, and Aaron Tomlin form the main cast.

Transference (2020) premiered in L.A. on March 6th and is scheduled for a Video on Demand release on March 10th and Blu-Ray March 24th via Epic Pictures. Here you can watch the trailer for the movie:

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