Deep Antarctic Nazis attack in “Sky Sharks”

Deep Antarctic Nazis attack in "Sky Sharks"

Nazis have always been one of the favorite villains in fun and entertainment-oriented movies, you can ask Indiana Jones about that. But in the last decade, Hitler’s army has been back in movies placed in the current times. A raising of social-political groups of people following the most extreme right-wing ideology? Well, yes sometimes, but we’re not talking about those sort of political dramas. We’re talking about laughs, surrealism, and weird stories! First, we got Dead Snow (2009) where a horde of zombie Nazis was after the gold they stole in WWII, then in Iron Sky (2012), the Nazis came back from the dark side of the moon with their fancy high technology space ships. And, now, be ready because our little infamous friends are coming right from the ice and the sea in Sky Sharks (2020).

75 years after World War II, an arctic research team discovers the Himmelsfaust, a colossal Nazi Warship thought to be long lost. Within they find Third Reich’s base for a weapon like no other: Sky Sharks. Jet-propelled, artillery-equipped, aeronautical, and manned by an army of undead elite Nazi soldiers, these flying beasts were created to prevent the downfall of the Third Reich. But now they seek revenge and claim their final victory – taking down the whole world with them in the process if they can.

Sky Sharks (2020) is the new movie by writer, producer, and director Marc Fehse, also responsible for the animation thriller Sex, Dogz and Rock n Roll (2011), the documentary The Power of Soul (2013), and horror Mutation (1999). He has also been the author of the screenplay together with his frequent collaborator Carsten Fehse, and debutant A.D. Morel.

Eva Habermann, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Tony Todd, Naomi Grossman, Amanda Bearse, Robert LaSardo, Dave Sheridan, Barbara Nedeljakova, Lar Park-Lincoln, Mick Garris, Lynn Lowry, Michaela Schaffrath, Isabelle Marlowe, and Asami are some of the names forming the international cast of Sky Sharks (2020).

The movie was part of the line-up of several genre film festivals along 2020 like Hot Springs International Horror Film Festival where it won the Best Sci-Fi Feature award, New York City Horror Film Festival where Tom Savini, its special effects supervisor, won in the Best Special Effects category, Sitges International Film Festival where it was nominated for Best Film in the Midnight X-Treme category, and also was present in FrightFest and L’Absurde Séance Festival. Now, Capelight Pictures and Dark Sky Films have scheduled the film for a Blu-Ray/DVD release on February 2nd, 2021.

Here you can watch the official trailer for Sky Sharks (2020).

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