“El Expediente”: Maybe the most awaited spanish horror film of the year?

“El Expediente”: Maybe the most awaited spanish horror film of the year?

One of the projects that have been kept more in secret is the one under the title of El Expediente (2017) (which could be translated in english as “the file”, also it doesn’t have an official international name yet). And why do I say such a thing? Mainly because the people involved in the film have said the script and placing are one of the creepiest that have been seen for a while. That is always a must. And secondly, because this is the newest work for spanish director Paco Plaza, creator together with Jaume Balagueró of the best horror film ever made in Spain. EVER! Yes, I am talking about [Rec] (2007) and its not less amazing sequel [Rec]² (2009). But also, he already has a long career on his back in the world of horror films with titles like Romasanta (2004) or [Rec]³: Génesis (2012). So if Paco Plaza is involved in a new movie, it is worth to pay attention to what it is.

After a lot of speculation, the official plot has been already made public. El Expediente (2017) tells the story of a woman who must protect her little sister and brother after they tried to communicate with their deceased father using the powers of a Ouija board. It is mentioned to be inspired by true happenings of supernatural events filed by the police along the last decades.

The film will be starred Ana Torrent, the unforgettable victim of the snuff movies based film Tesis (1996) and Leticia Dolera, a young talented producer, director and actress, forever immortalized as the bride zombie slasher in [Rec]³: Génesis (2012).

Personally, I am already craving for more information and official images for this movie. In the meanwhile, feel free to enjoy the official trailer for [Rec]³: Génesis (2012). Why? Well, it’s fun, what other reason do we need?

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