The first trailer for “The First Purge” is here

The first trailer for "The First Purge" is here

Next 4th of July, the new entry of The Purge saga, The First Purge (2018), will open in American theaters. A very appropriate date I must say, regarding how political and critical with the last American presidential administrations the films are getting. And this year’s Purge movie, the first one since Donald Trump is president, won’t be different. Especially since both the movie franchise and the most recent president of the USA are using the same catchline, “make America great again”.

The First Purge (2018) serves as a prequel that will focus on the events that lead up to the very first Purge event where, as all the fans of the saga will know, during a 12-hour period any and all crime is legal. Including kidnapping, looting and even murdering. An irresponsible and coward way for our authorities to give the soulless inhabitants of our society to “clean up” the streets and, why not, also make some nice money out of it. It’s sad, but that’s kind of the way we are going. I know it’s only a fiction piece, a movie, but the real future is as scary as the events pictured in these films.

This fourth installment of the Purge franchise is the first time that writer and director James DeMonaco doesn’t direct the film, this time he is only the screenplay owner and producer. Instead, Gerard McMurray, another filmmaker with a strong social and political critical conscience, takes the directional duties. As has happened in all the titles of the saga, Jason Blum via his company Blumhouse Productions produces The First Purge (2018).

Marisa Tomei, Luna Lauren Velez, Melonie Diaz, Mo McRae, Chyna Layne, Y’lan Noel, Patch Darragh, Lex Scott Davis and Jessica Bell star the film, where sadly Frank Grillo won’t reprise his role of Sergeant Leo Barnes, the hero of the 2 latest Purge installments.

Watch the trailer for The First Purge (2018) in the shape of a very very scary commercial here:

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