First trailer of Robert Eggers’ “The Lighthouse”. Perhaps the best movie of the year?

First trailer of Robert Eggers' "The Lighthouse". Perhaps the best movie of the year?

For those who has seen the movie The Witch (2015), the debut in a feature film of writer and director Robert Eggers, there is no surprise with the statement that the man gives a very strong importance on the treating of the image, the photography, and also the sound ambient and soundtrack of his films. That, together with a dark story and some unexpected plot surprises, could be called his trademark. In The Lighthouse (2019), although the movie style is sustantially different, it is clear that it comes from the same mind, from the imagination of a filmmaker in love with movies and the big estimulation of all the senses than they produce.

Set in 1890, and filmed on 35 mm black and white Double-X 5222 film stock and vintage lenses, The Lighthouse (2019) tells the story of two lighthouse keepers on a remote and mysterious New England island. A story that as a concept smells like is going to be plagued with mysteries, but those mysteries also develop into horrors. The movie is sustained only by actors Willem Dafoe playing old Thomas Wake, and Robert Pattinson in the skin of young Ephraim Winslow. Fashion model and debutant in a film Valeriia Karaman also has a small role as the Mermaid.

Filming for The Lighthouse (2019)  took place at Leif Ericson Park in Cape Forchu, and inside a hangar at Yarmouth International Airport, in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, and lasted 35 days. The movie had its workd premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in the Directors’ Fortnight section on May 19, 2019. There, it achieved the FIPRESCI Prize and became one of the best titles of this year 2019 by many of the people who had the priviledge to attend to the screening. In september it will be part of the Toronto International Film Festival, and in October it’s scheduled to have it’s release.

Watch here the first trailer for The Lighthouse (2019):

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