Frist trailer for Russian science-fiction epic “Coma”

Frist trailer for Russian science-fiction epic "Coma"

Coma (2019) is a science-fiction and fantasy movie that is causing a very good impression in its home country due to its impressive special effects and fascinating story. It is the feature film debut of young filmmaker Nikita Argunov, a digital effects artist and visual effects supervisor who has participated in epic productions like Mongol: The Rise of Genghis Khan (2007). He was also the writer of the screenplay together with Timofei Dekin and Aleksey Gravitskiy.

As the official plot of the movie shows, after a colossal and mysterious accident, a young talented architect comes back to his senses in a very odd world that only resembles the reality. This world is based on the memories of the ones who live in it – people who are currently finding themselves in a deep coma. Human memory is spotty, chaotic and unstable. The same is the COMA – odd collection of memories and recollections – cities, glaciers and rivers can all be found in one room. All the laws of physics can be broken. The architect must find out the exact laws and regulations of COMA as he fights for his life, meets the love of his life and keeps on looking for the exit to the real world which he will have to get acquainted with all over again after the experience of COMA.

Milos Bikovic, Lyubov Aksyonova, Aleksey Serebryakov, Anton Pampushnyy, Rinal Mukhametov, Vilen Babichev, Albert Kobrovsky and Polina Kuzminskaya for the main cast of the movie that was produced by Big Cinema House.

Coma (2019) already had a domestic Russian release where it achieved very positive opinions. That, plus the first teaser shared by the international distributions Planeta Inform [watch it here in English language], did nothing but to raise the interest of science-fiction aficionados all around the globe. Yesterday, the first official trailer was out in the YouTube Russian trailers channel iVideos, and although it’s in Russian language one can witness the spectacularity of the sequences the movie has. Regarding the official site of Planeta Inform, Coma (2019) is scheduled for an international release on the 19th of September this year. You can watch the trailer here:

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