Gillian Anderson is chasing extraterrestrial beings again in “UFO”

Gillian Anderson is chasing extraterrestrial beings again in "UFO"
Gillian Anderson as Dana Scully in the last and final season of The X Files (1993–2018)

Reportedly this year, after the new reprise of the TV series that brought her to the highest league of science-fiction and mystery icons The X Files (1993–2018), actress Gillian Anderson made public her decision of leaving forever her beloved character Dana Scully, the smart and skeptic Medical Doctor and Special FBI agent that together with her partner Fox Mulder (another immortal character played by David Duchovny) unleashed never-ending conspiracy plots, government corruptions, extraterrestrial experiments and all kinds of supernatural creatures living in this full of enigmas planet of ours. But that doesn’t mean she is quitting the science fiction and alien-themed productions, because UFO (2018), one of her works this year, is currently in post-production.

Ryan Eslinger is the writer and director of UFO (2018). Despite his young age, this filmmaker has achieved international recognition with his early works in festivals like Berlin International Film FestivalBerlinale, Film Independent Spirit Awards or Hamptons International Film Festival, being nominated or winner of several awards for his first 2 films Madness and Genius (2003) and When a Man Falls in the Forest (2007). Now he leaves aside the terrains of drama, where he has proven his efficiency, to bring an action science-fiction thriller about a ufologist that shares what he believes to be proof of extraterrestrial beings.

In UFO (2018), young Derek, a brilliant student, is terrified of the memories of UFOs and extraterrestrial encounters he witnessed when he was a kid. Now he is convinced that the seeings in airports shrouded in secrecy all around the country could be related to his early experiences. Derek, together with his girlfriend Natalie and college mathematics professor Dr. Hendricks, will try to solve the disconcert before it escalates.

The movie is starred by Alex Sharp, Ella Purnell, Gillian Anderson, Benjamin Beatty and David Strathairn. Sony Pictures has the worldwide distribution rights in all media formats, and although no official release date has been announced yet the first trailer for UFO (2018) has been recently published on YouTube via de official ONE Media channel. You can watch it here:

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