Glenn Danzig’s “Verotika” is coming out on VoD and Blu-Ray

Glenn Danzig's "Verotika" is coming out on VoD and Blu-Ray

Without any doubt, Glen Danzig’s Verotika (2019) was one of the big-name movies in the horror festivals circuit last year. Since its world premiere at the Cinepocalypse festival, it achieved the status of an instant cult classic. Audience and critics started to compare it with other titles like Ed Wood’s Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959) and Tommy Wiseau’s The Room (2003). But was the movie such an epic disaster? Well, I had the pleasure to attend to its screening at the Sitges Film Festival last October and here you can read the review.

Glenn Danzig was the founder, main lyricist and composer, and singer of the horror punk band Misfits, back in 1977, a band that undoubtfully opened a new door on what aggressive music means. After disbanding in 1983, Danzig formed the bands Samhain (1983–1987) and Danzig (1987–present), where he continued exploring the styles of punk, rock, hardcore, metal and blues surrounded by darkness and the occult. But music was never Danzig’s only passion because in 1994 he founded the mature-themed comic book company Verotik, where he released a big collection of titles. The film adaptation GrubGirl (2006) for one of the Verotik books of the same name was already directed by Craven Moorehead as a horror adult film.

Verotika (2019) is an anthology film that compilates 4 of the Verotik stories. The movie has been written and directed by Glenn Danzig, making it his debut feature film. Ashley Wisdom, Rachel Alig, Alice Tate, Kayden Kross, Scotch Hopkins, Sean Kanan, and Natalia Borowsky star.

Cleopatra Entertainment achieved the distribution rights soon after the movie premiered. Their executives just couldn’t pass the chance of adding to their catalog a title that time is going to rise to the pedestal of the most iconic gore-and-tits movies of all time, which is something I totally understand. Verotika (2019) is set to a video on demand release on February 3, and a Blu-Ray and collector’s edition (including 3 discs, Blu-Ray, DVD and soundtrack CD) is scheduled to be out on March 3.

You might have missed it at the festivals, but now you don’t have any excuse to have Verotika (2019) at home. And if you are not decided yet, you can watch here the first official trailer of the movie released on the Cleopatra Entertainment Youtube channel:

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