“Grave”, one of the best films in 2016, hitting theatres this month

"Grave", one of the best films in 2016, hitting theatres this month

If you pay attention to news in the horror panorama, surely you have heard about this title. Grave (2016) (Raw as its international title) is the debut movie of young french director Julia Ducournau. The movie had a very successful run in all sorts of international festivals last year and this 2017, being one of the main titles in Cannes Film Festival 2016, London Film Festival 2016, Sitges Film Festival 2016, Toronto International Film Festival 2016 and Sundance 2017, only to name a few. In several of them, the film achieved to win awards in the kinds of Best Direction or Best Feature, so that adds even more expectation now that the movie is finally coming out.

Grave aka Raw (2016) is a crude horror thriller (heheh, sorry for the easy joke) about a young woman, freshman at the vet school, who is away from her over protective family for the first time in her life and starts discovering many of the secrets in life and within herself. From the matters of morals and sexuality beyond. The film is very well written and narrated, being Julia Ducournau herself the owner of the screenplay, and the mysterious pace and developing of the action is as attractive as it is shocking.

At Ganiveta we had the great pleasure to watch this little masterpiece in one of it’s first international premiers, at the Sitges Film Festival 2016. It was a delight, surely one of the best film in the whole line up of the festival. If you want to read more about it, you can find our movie review here.

Grave aka Raw (2016) is hitting theatres in the United States today the 10th of March. In some other countries France or Spain we will have to wait for one more week. And for the rest, the awaiting might be a little bit longer, until end of March or begining of April. So if you see this film in a theatre near your home, take my advice on this one and go watch it.

"Grave", one of the best films in 2016, hitting theatres this month
Director Julia Ducournau at the Sitges 2016 photocall. Photo by Aina Riu

Watch the official red band trailer here:

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