Horror and Greek mythology hold hands in “Entwined”

Horror and Greek mythology hold hands in "Entwined"

Being one of the most ancient cultures in the world, the origin and homeland of some of the most remarkable early thinkers and scientists, and the cradle of democracy, anything involving Greek mythology have already a big factor of interest. If you add to that the absolute creative freedom a genre like horror allows you in terms of imagining stories we reach a start point where anything is possible.

Entwined (2019) is a Greece and UK horror and fantasy co-production centering Panos, a city doctor who relocates to a remote village in order to offer his services to the community. It’s love at first sight when he sets eyes on Danae, who lives in isolation, with a mysterious skin condition. Determined to cure her, Panos will soon discover Danae is not the helpless princess he thought she was and time is of the essence for both of them.

After producing, writing, and directing a good collection of short films, Entwined (2019) is the debut feature film of Minos Nikolakakis. The movie is based on a story of his own created together with John De Holland, who is also the author of the screenplay. Prometheus Aleifer, John De Holland, Maria Eglezaki, Anastasia Rafaella Konidi, and Kostas Laskos form the main cast.

Entwined (2019) has been part of the line-up of several international festivals along 2019 and 2020 like Toronto International Film Festival in Canada, Warsaw Film Festival in Poland, Thessalloniki International Film Festival in Greece, IFFI Goa in India, Days of European Film in the Czech Republic, Iksv – Istanbul Film Festival in Turkey, Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival in South Korea and Fantaspoa – International Fantastic Film Festival in Brazil where he has achieved some awards nominations and good reviews.

Dark Star Pictures owns the USA distribution rights for the film. Entwined (2019) will be opening in virtual theaters August 28th (Los Angeles, New York and major cities) before arriving on Video on Demand platforms September 8th. Here you can watch its official trailer.

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