Horror comedy “Santa Jaws” is available on SyFy

Horror comedy "Santa Jaws" is available on SyFy

And even more sharks for today. What would Steven Spielberg think in the mid-1970s if he saw what it became when he started the whole thing with Jaws (1975)…

Following the “Sharknado Week” special on SyFy Video on Demand channel, the platform scheduled the release of another horror comedy with the suggesting name of Santa Jaws (2018). I know it’s too early to Christmas time, but why not? This sort of a fairy tale gone wrong tells the story of a man that trying to survive the family Christmas makes a wish to be alone. He is an aspiring comic book artist who happens to possess gifted a pen which changes reality. As he first draws Santa Jaws making it come to life it ends up backfiring when the creature manifests and kills his entire family. Movies give us this lesson to learn and we still are not careful enough. Beware of what you wish, it might come true!

Santa Jaws (2018) is directed by Misty Talley. This is not the first time she deals with a movie of this sorts since she is also responsible for other titles like Zombie Shark (2015), Ozark Sharks (2016) and Mississippi River Sharks (2017). Is this some sort of obsession maybe? This movie also marks the debut of Jake Kiernan as a screenwriter. Reid Miller, Courtney Lauren Cummings, Jim Klock, Carrie Lazar, Arthur Marroquin, Miles Doleac, Haviland Stillwell, Hawn Tran, Scott Allen Perry, Ritchie Montgomery and Creek Wilson star the show.

People from SyFy channel seem to be proud of this co-production. Wouldn’t you? Well, after this promo who is not to be proud?

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