“Itsy Bitsy” trailer will bring your arachnophobic terrors back

"Itsy Bitsy" trailer will bring your arachnophobic terrors back

Spiders are cool, aren’t them? If you fear them, the terror you suffer for those 8-legged little nightmares is almost irrational. If you don’t care much of them you still respect them, because such creatures are bad ass beings. And if you love them, besides being exposed to be called a sick freak, you almost feel worship for the arachnids. So these animals has been the center of attention in numerous horror and science fiction movies for decades, starting with the adorable Earth vs the Spider (1958) or Tarantula (1955), including the very scary Arachnophobia (1990), and more recently filled up in comedy in titles like Eight Legged Freaks (2002) or Big Ass Spider! (2013). But spiders still hold big scary potential, and it is exploited in Itsy Bitsy (2019).

Don’t get fooled, although the title of the movie could sound cute, Itsy Bitsy (2019) is aiming to scare the audience. Based on the centuries old poem, a family moves into a secluded mansion where they soon find themselves being targeted by an entity taking the form of a giant spider. Kara, a private nurse and single mother, moves from the big city to the quiet countryside with her two children, 13-year-old Jesse and 8-year-old Cambria, to live with and take care of an elderly man with multiple sclerosis. Things seem normal enough until Jesse discovers a mysterious old relic in the old man’s house, leading to unexpected and horrifying things coming to life.

Itsy Bitsy (2019) is the debut feature film of director Micah Gallo, an experience visual effects creator who has participated in dozens of movies like the gory Hatchet trilogy, Frozen (2010), The Innkeepers (2011) or Silent Night (2012). He is also the creator of the story and writer of the screenplay together with Jason Alvino and Bryan Dick. Bruce Davison, Denise Crosby, Elizabeth Roberts, Arman Darbo, Chloe Perrin, Treva Etienne, Eileen Dietz, Matty Cardarople and Grace Shen form the main cast.

Itsy Bitsy (2019) will open in select theaters, digital and on VOD everywhere August 30th, 2019. Scream Factory has released the official trailer from the movie in their YouTube page and you can watch it here:

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