John Boyega to produce fantasy horror film “A Spriggan”

John Boyega to produce fantasy horror film "A Spriggan"
John Boyega as Finn in Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi (2017)

A spriggan is a legendary creature known from Cornish faery lore, from the Cornwall region in England. Spriggans were apparently related to the trolls of Scandinavia. They have been depicted as grotesquely ugly, wizened old men with large child-like heads. They were said to be found at old ruins, Cairns, and barrows guarding buried treasure. Although small, they were usually considered to be the ghosts of giants, with the ability to swell to enormous size. They were also said to act as fairy bodyguards. They are known for their unpleasant dispositions, and for the cruel tricks against those who offended them. They can alter the weather status to keep intruders away from their territory, and also have been accused of kidnapping human children or robbing and destroying homes.

British actor John Boyega has been reportedly involved with the production of A spriggan, together with Legendary Pictures, via his Upper Room Productions banner. Keir Burrows, writer and director of science-fiction flick Anti Matter (2016), has been the chosen one to lead the project. The cast and crew is still unknown, but Oscar-winning VFX supervisor Neil Corbould, known for his work on Alien: Covenant (2017), World War Z (2013), Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016), Event Horizon (1997) and Willow (1988) only to name a few, has joined the project with his company Neil Corbould Special Effects.

In the words of the filmmakers, “The film is a creature feature that follows a recently widowed mother who returns to her father’s isolated hotel only to find a sinister folklore presence haunting the land”. This is not the first time John Boyega is on the production board of a movie since he was already co-producer of Pacific Rim: Uprising (2018), which he also starred. Will he also be part of the cast for A spriggan? Well, I guess we’ll have to stay aware to find out.

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