Jonas Åkerlund’s “Polar”, starring Mads Mikkelsen, will premiere on Netflix

Jonas Åkerlund's "Polar", starring Mads Mikkelsen, will premiere on Netflix

Next year the movie adaptation of Polar, the webcomic and series of graphic novels written and illustrated by Víctor Santos published in 2012, will see the light. It is being currently filmed by acclaimed music videos director and filmmaker Jonas Åkerlund. The script is been written by Jayson Rothwell, writer of movies like Malice in Wonderland (2009) or Silent Night (2012).

The Polar comics are characterized by its highly stylized design and complete lack of dialogue on its online version. That makes it more interesting the choice of Swedish filmmaker Jonas Åkerlund to be the director, since he has mastered in many music videos his skills in telling catchy stories without any dialog, only using images surrounded by music.

This movie is a Constantin Film and Dark Horse Entertainment production. It has been announced that even before its completion, the streaming platform Netflix has bought the worldwide distribution rights. That means in 2019, Polar (2018) will become part of the upgrowing Netflix Originals catalog. That’s good news for the users of the popular Video on Demand service, although one could wish a visually rich title like Polar (2018) would be shown on a big silver screen.

Polar (2018) is starred by Mads Mikkelsen, Katheryn Winnick, Vanessa Hudgens, Matt Lucas, Anastasia Marinina, Anthony Grant and Nia Roam. Mikkelsen will play the world’s top assassin Duncan Vizla, A.K.A the Black Kaiser who is retiring when his former employer marks him as a liability to the firm. Against his will, he soon finds himself being hunted by an army of younger, faster, ruthless killers who will stop at nothing to have him silenced. Having no choice but to return to the shadowy life he thought he’d left behind, he must use his arsenal of deadly skills to outsmart his enemies and protect an innocent woman.

If you want to see more about the story and other projects by its creator Víctor Santos, check out the official page of the webcomic at

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