Larry Fessenden is currently filming “Depraved”

Larry Fessenden is currently filming "Depraved"

Although many movie fans won’t recognize him by his name, Larry Fessenden has been one of the most prolific filmmakers in the world of horror. He’s been part of the production department of over 70 titles, director of a big handful of short films and features like The Last Winter (2006), Wendigo (2001) or Habit (1995) which he also writes, and involved in almost every technical position in the making of a film you can imagine, from assistant director to sound department, from cinematographer to editor. As an actor, he’s been part of almost a hundred productions being You’re Next (2011), Southbound (2015), Carnage Park (2016) or We Are Still Here (2015) only some of the most recent ones. And this year still have a few titles yet to see the light, like Sadistic Intentions (2017) or The Ranger (2018).

With a resume like this, it is mandatory to take a look at any new film this man is involved in! His current work is entitled Depraved (2019), Larry Fessenden is directing it from a script of his own and David Call, Joshua Leonard and Alex Breaux are starring. It is not reported if Fessenden will save a small role for himself, but looking at his filmography this is more than possible to happen.

Depraved (2019) tells the story of a disillusioned field surgeon suffering from PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder) that is in the quest of making a man out of body parts and bring him to life, using as laboratory a Brooklyn loft. Some sort of mad Frankenstein who has watched The Human Centipede movies too often.

The movie is currently filming and it is expected to come out sometime next year.


Larry Fessenden is currently filming "Depraved"

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