More horror for this Halloween: “The Cursed Man” and “Snow Falls”

More horror for this Halloween: "The Cursed Man" and "Snow Falls"

Well, Halloween parties this year are going to be like haunted houses: silent, abandoned, and empty of alive beings. But while the COVID-19 is terrorizing the world, we can still have a mildly decent Halloween night at home, with your closest friends, a bowl of popcorn, some bloody red drinks, and a session of horror movies. here are two more options out there.

The Cursed Man (2020) has been this year part of several genre film festivals where it has collected a good amount of nominations and wins. It is the new movie of producer, writer, and director James L. Perry, and it has been based on the homonymous novel written by Keith Rommel, author of the Thanatology Series on which the original story the film is based on forms part. Brahm Gallagher, Brinna Locke, Maritza Brikisak, Paris Bravo, Ruth Connell, Anna Curtis, and Paul Grace form the main cast.

In The Cursed Man (2020), Alister believes death is in love with him. A simple smile from a friend or stranger is all it takes to encourage death to kill. With his family deceased and a path of destruction behind him, Alister sits inside a mental institution, sworn to silence and separated from the rest of the world, haunted by his inability to escape death’s preferential treatment. But when a beautiful psychologist arrives at the institution and starts offering him care, Alister braces himself for more killings. When none follows, he tries to figure out whether he truly is insane or if death has finally come to him in the form of a woman.

Here you can watch the official trailer for The Cursed Man (2020), coming out the night of Halloween.

In Snow Falls (2020), after a winter storm strands five friends in a remote cabin with no power and little food, a disorientation slowly claims their sanity as each of them succumbs to a fear that the snow itself may be contaminated or somehow evil.

The movie has been directed by Colton Tran, a prolific director of short films despite his young age, and better know for his awards-winner Killer Date (2019). He conceived the story the movie is based on together with his frequent collaborator and also the producer of the film Laura M. Young. Luke Genton, the man behind horror thriller The Bone Box (2020), was in charge of the screenplay.

Anna Grace Barlow, Jonathan Bennett, John Berchtold, Patrick Fabian, James Gaisford, and Victoria Moroles form the main cast of Snow Falls (2020) with director Colton Tran reserving the supporting role of Kit for himself. The movie is already available on-demand. Here you can watch its official trailer.

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