New clip with never seen before footage for “The Meg”

New clip with never seen before footage for "The Meg"

Every month a new clip for The Meg (2018) is being posted on the net by the people of Warner Bros. Undoubtedly they are doing a good marketing campaign because the expectations for this movie are raising the closer we get to the opening day. And it’s not that far anymore!

This time, a 30 seconds clip with never seen before footage has been released. In it, one can see the things are getting serious, with horror and destruction delivered by the monster creature of the ocean, the Carcharodon Megalodon,  the largest marine predator that ever existed.

Jason Statham leads the cast of The Meg (2018) that also include Ruby Rose, Rainn Wilson, Robert Taylor, Cliff Curtis, Bingbing Li, Jessica McNamee, Ólafur Darri Ólafsson, Masi Oka, Page Kennedy, Rob Kipa-Williams and Shuya Sophia Cai among others. The movie hits theaters in the USA on the 10th of August and everywhere in the world later the same month. It is very very recommended to follow the movie’s official Twitter channel in case you want to be aware of all the news and watch exclusive images and footage regarding The Meg (2018). Follow them on

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