The remake for “Pet Sematary” already has confirmed directors

The remake for "Pet Sematary" already has confirmed directors

After the astonishing success achieved by It (2017), it is no surprise that the studios are digging into the box of Stephen King classics looking for new remakes. One that has been in the orbit for the last years was the new version of Pet Sematary (1989). For a while, rumors put Andy Muschietti on the top of the list to be in charge of this new remake, but his schedule is too tight working already on It: Chapter Two, the sequel to his blockbuster hit, and Shadow of the Colossus, together with some TV projects. So although Muschietti was the most desired choice by fans, studios have declined in favor to other names.

Finally, the chosen ones to direct the new Pet Sematary remake is the tandem formed by filmmakers Dennis Widmyer and Kevin Kolsch. This is not the first time the duo has worked together, they are responsible for a good handful of horror-oriented short films, as well as the movie Starry Eyes (2014) and the segment Valentine’s Day in the anthology feature film Holidays (2016).

Pet Sematary is a 1983 horror novel by prolific author Stephen King. In it, a Chicago doctor moves into a large house near a small town with his wife and their two young children. The family befriends soon with their new neighbor, an elderly man named Jud Crandall, who is always there to help them when it’s needed. The old man warns the family about the mysterious powers of the local pet cemetery (misspelled “sematary” on the sign), where dark and occult powers reside. It has the power to bring the dead ones back to life, but “not everything that comes back is the same“. Soon, tragedy takes over the family and the father takes the wrong choice of using the magic from the sematary to bring his beloved ones back together. But, as one can imagine at this point, everything goes wrong.

Check out the trailer for the classic Pet Sematary (1989), it’s always nice to bring back to memory  these movies:

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