Sitges Film Festival 2017 – Day 5

Sitges Film Festival 2017 – Day 5

One of the favorite activities of all the goers of Sitges Film Festival is to check out the village stands that are exclusively set for the festival. And not only because of the great offer of horror and science fiction related goods and merch, but just because the walk around the seaside promenade brings a wonderful sight. Especially in a year like this one, with the wonderful weather condition and sunny days we are enjoying.

If you are a DVDs and Blu-Rays collector, it is mandatory to visit the stand El Setanta Nou has set. A great selection of classics and new fils at an unbeatable price. But if you are the kind of person who doesn’t have an inch of room wall without a poster, your place to visit is Hollywood Posters. If you are a sucker for cool t-shirts with original designs from your favorite movies, visit Annexia T-shirts and you will be surprised by the great variety they offer. Stars like Eli Roth, Jennifer Lynch, Tom Savini, Takashi Miike or Nacho Vigalondo already have their own. If you are a collector of horror related merch and figures, in a stand like SD Toys you might have that little piece missing in your collection. What about supporting local DIY artists? Complements, clothing, movies, music, anything imaginable is to find at the Monsters Museum shop. And many many more little stands with a great variety of good. Cups, books, posters, movies, clothing, accessories… anything!

Obviously, also to find the official shop from Sitges Film Festival. Do you want more info? Check out the village stands section page at the festival’s official page here.

Today in Ganiveta we went to see the following movies:

  • Still/Born (2017) 1/10 – An awful film, awfully written, directed and starred. Seriously, run away from it. It’s not even worth to laugh of it. [Read full review here]
  • Dhogs (2017) 6,5/10 – A very original approach to a genre movie, a grateful cinematic surprise from Galicia, and for sure, one of the most interesting Spanish films of the year. [Read full review here]
  • Curvature (2017) 4/10 – A pretentious science fiction thriller with a good start point idea but it gets diluted through the running time. At the end, the whole picture is unclear. It could and should have been much better. [Read full review here]
  • Rabbit (2017) 7/10 –An intense story about two twin sisters and the disappearance of one of them, with cults and experiments in the background. A suspense thriller where the music has the power of becoming a character, and the narrative stands as a personal approach to the genre movies. [Read full review here]

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