Sitges Film Festival 2017 – Day 7

Sitges Film Festival 2017 – Day 7

Besides all the movie screenings, Sitges Film Festival has organized a good handful of parallel events and activities. Most of them are free of entry and are one of the best options for moviegoers to kill some time between movies. Casa Bacardí hosts the 70th anniversary of the film magazine Fotogramas, with an exhibition of 15 different artists doing a tribute to the 7 decades of the monthly journal in the key of horror and fantasy.

Several venues have special exhibitions of different sorts of art around the image of the myth of Dracula, as well as other classic horror characters. Outstanding ones would be Ink of Dracula – A Comic Tribute, placed in the Auditori Melià Sitges. Organized by Borja Crespo, 16 different artists show their artwork based on the character created by Bram Stocker.

And to end this little collection of alternative ideas, it is mandatory to name the exhibition HP. Lovecraft – The Fear from Beyond HP. A collection of spectacular illustrations based on the ideas from the American author by artists Joseph Díaz and Guillem H. Pongiluppi. Get abducted by these set of images from characters, locations and monsters; hear the call of Cthulhu.

But we also went to see some movies. Here is the list from what we watched today:

  • Salyut-7 (2017) 6/10 – Some sort of Russian space action adventure Michael Bay Entertaining but inconsequential. [Read full review here]
  • Laissez Bronzer le Cadavres (2017) 6/10 – Original and captivating, the new work of Hélène Cattet & Bruno Forzani erects as a sensual experience in all meanings. Inspirations and a must
  • Matar a Dios (2017) 5/10 – Irreverent Spanish horror comedy that starts powerful but ends harmlessly. Still, provides an entertaining hour and a half. [Read full review here]
  • A day (2017) 6,5/10 – A Korean flick about time loops, that brings on the table a handful of original twists. The final happy ending is a little bit too abusive though. [Read full review here]

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