Supernatural horror-thriller “Don’t Look Back” will premiere at Frightfest

Supernatural horror-thriller "Don't Look Back" will premiere at Frightfest

The name Jeffrey Reddick might not ring any bell, but his contribution to the horror and fantasy genre has been quite essential. He is credited as the creator of the Final Destination franchise, being the writer of the first two movies. He has also been responsible for the screenplays of other horror films like Tamara (2005), Day of the Dead (2008), and Dead Awake (2016), and also being the producer of other numerous films. Later on, he made the step forward as a director with his debut short film Good Samaritan (2014), about a man that videotapes a fatal assault where bystanders watch and don’t intervene, and then he finds himself haunted by the guilt of his own inaction, and by something far more insidious. Now he has also debuted as director of a feature film with Don’t Look Back (2020), which is based on his short film.

Caitlin Kramer is a young woman trying to overcome her traumatic past. Walking through the park one day she sees a man brutally assaulted. But, instead of becoming a Good Samaritan, like her, no one intervenes to stop the attack. Instead, they all start filming the shocking event with their smartphones, recording every bloody detail. Soon the uncaring witnesses find themselves targeted by someone – or something – out for revenge. Can Caitlin avoid her inevitable fate?

Written and directed by Jeffrey Reddick, Don’t Look Back (2020) is starred by Kourtney Bell, Will Stout, Skyler Hart, Jeremy Holm, Jaqueline Fleming, Amanda Grace Benitez, Damon Lipari, Han Soto, Dean J. West, and Stephen Twardokus.

Don’t Look Back (2020) will be part of the line-up of London’s horror and fantasy festival Frightfest on October 23, 2020. You can check out the screening schedules on its official website.

Watch here the trailer for Don’t Look Back (2020).

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