The consequences of World War III in “Edge of Extinction”

The consequences of World War III in "Edge of Extinction"
Georgie Smibert, Rudy Barrow, and Chris Kaye in Edge of Extinction (2020). Photo © Hundy Gilbert Media Ltd

How many times have we mentioned that a big budget is not needed to do a decent movie if the idea is worth it? And science-fiction thriller Edge of Extinction (2020) is another perfect example for that.

The movie is set in the aftermath of World War III, 15 years after, when the nuclear winter is over, but mankind is on the verge of extinction. Civilization no longer exists, food is scarce and most eke out a living by stealing and killing. One boy clings onto life in the desolate countryside of southern Britain, where staying away from other humans has been key to his survival. But this self-imposed isolation comes to an abrupt end when he crosses paths with another group of survivors and an enemy far more savage than any of them could imagine.

This is the second feature film of writer, producer, and director Andrew Gilbert after zombie apocalypse flick Infected (2013), aka The Dead Inside. Luke Hobson, Georgie Smibert, Chris Kaye, Bryn Hodgen, Nicholas Chambers, Susan Lee Burton, Neil Summerville, Richard Summers-Calvert, Rudy Barrow, and Eve Kathryn Oliver form the main cast.

Edge of Extinction (2020) was originally called The Brink, but it changed the name before the release. Praised for the originality of the story, the movie is already out on on-demand platforms such as Amazon Prime Video. Here you can watch its official trailer.

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