The dangers of online dating in “Browse” [trailer]

The dangers of online dating in "Browse" [trailer]

Because if we fear everything and stay locked home all the time we will end up dead without having lived a life. And I am talking in general, not during the Coronavirus pandemic, now it’s time to #StayHome. But there are indeed a lot of dangers out there. Especially in the digital world, that is becoming our second life, and for some people maybe even the first one, as it opens the gates for people with evil intentions to take advantage of other people in situations of desperation, loneliness, economic troubles, young age innocence, or plain dumbness. But let’s focus on the subject, today we are talking about Browse (2020), a horror-thriller surrounding the sub-world of dating apps.

In the movie, a solitary man, obsessed with a young woman he has found on a dating app, becomes convinced that someone hacked into all of his computer devices and that they’re being used to control him. Desperate for clarity, Richard seeks to uncover the truth as to who is trying to manipulate him, but the more he struggles with his futile investigation, the further he’s cast into an insurmountable web of paranoia that threatens to destroy his thinning hold on reality. Browse (2020) has been directed by Mike Testin, a filmmaker with extensive experience in short films and TV series who has also been responsible for the horror flicks Dementia (2015) and its sequel Dementia Part II (2018). Mario Carvalhal debuts as a screenwriter with this film.

Browse (2020) is starred by Lukas Haas, who has had some supporting roles in iconic movies like Tim Burton’s Mars Attacks! (1996), Gus Van Sant’s Last Days (2005), and Christopher Nolan’s Inception (2010), and Chloe Bridges, who has starred in The Final Girls (2015), Nightlight (2015) and Game Over, Man! (2018). Together with them, Sarah Rafferty, Jocelin Donahue, Allison Dunbar, Bodhi Elfman, Ken Kirby, Scott Bailey, Luke Spencer Roberts, Matt Mercer, and Kelly Polk also star.

The movie is currently in the state of post-production, with FilmRise attached for distribution in the USA, and will be available on-demand and digital in July 2020. Here you can watch the first trailer for Browse (2020):

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