Todd McFarlane, creator of the SPAWN comic books, will direct the new movie adaptation

Todd McFarlane, creator of the SPAWN comic books, will direct the new movie adaptation

Spawn was a super hero (o should I say anti hero) created by Todd McFarlane that was born in 1992 as part of a series of comic books published by Image Comics. Although it’s a pretty new character, compared to most of the classic super heroes and villains in the comics universe, it gained quite a good recognition by the fans world wide. The character inspired a feature film, Spawn (1997), where the main role was portraited by Michael Jai White and had the appearance of big screen names like John Leguizamo or Martin Sheen. Also, it was the object of the HBO animated TV series Spawn (1997–1999), a series of action figures and numerous cross-over storylines in other comic books.

A couple of decades after, it’s  been announced the adventures of the ex-Marine turned into a vigilante demon will be back to the big screen. Todd McFarlane, the real father’s creature, will be the one to direct it. Although he has been involved in different roles in filmmaking, this will mark his directorial debut in a feature film. His previous experience was a bunch of music videos for several rock bands, where we must highlight the amazing clip for Pearl Jam’s “Do the Evolution” song.

Blumhouse is producing, and that is always good news. And it’s been stated that the movie will be R-rated, which is also a very good thing. Now, the quest to find what actor could be the new Spawn starts. Jamie Foxx has apparently been interested in the role for years, so he might be a good addition to the film. And since John Leguizamo never ages, maybe he could even reprise his role of the demonic clown. That was the best feature of the first movie in my opinion. Hillarious!

Take a look at the trailer for Spawn (1997), pure late 1990s extasy.

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