Trailer: The director of “The Taint” is back with interplanetary horror “Assassinaut”

Trailer: The director of "The Taint" is back with interplanetary horror "Assassinaut"

A team of four teenage astronauts brave the alien wilderness of a distant planet to save the Earth’s President from a deadly assassin. Yeah, why not? More in detail, aliens have invaded Earth and declared a galactic war resulting in thousands of human casualties. To save Earth, the team of young space travelers will confront the alien species far in the galaxy to stop the killing of the world leader, and therefore changing the course of history forever. Like if aliens invading Earth is not changing history forever enough.

This is the plot for Assassinaut (2019), the new movie written and directed by Drew Bolduc. With two movies on his back, The Taint (2011) and Science Team (2014), the filmmaker has earnt the tag of one of those underground horror movies creators that perhaps won’t have their works in the lists of the most amazing titles of the year, but they sure are entertaining. And, which is more important, they combine horror and gore with comedy in a way that the product stays away from stupidity, which is something we lovers of cheap horror flicks suffer more often than we would like to.

Assassinaut (2019) is starred by Shannon Hutchinson, Vito Trigo, Jasmina Parent, Johnathan Newport, Yael Haskal, Brian K. Landis, Irene Santiago, Mark Ashworth, Lilly Nelson, Dietrich Teschner, Bernadette Sayre, Jean Louise O’Sullivan and Jeffrey Alan Solomon. The movie is set to be released on Blu-Ray and Video on Demand on July 30th.

Here you can find the official trailer for Assassinaut (2019), a science-fiction adventures flick but also with its trademark of gory stuff. As we like it:

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