Trailer: “Wounds”, starring Zazie Beetz and Dakota Johnson, out in Hulu and Netflix in October

Trailer: "Wounds", starring Zazie Beetz and Dakota Johnson, out in Hulu and Netflix in October
Dakota Johnson and Armie Hammer in a scene of Wounds (2019)

It is not a secret that for a few years horror movies are getting a bigger presence in the most prestigious festivals worldwide. Wounds (2019) is another example of that. This horror mystery thriller had its premiere this year at Sundance Film Festival, and it has also been part of the line-up in Cannes Directors’ Fortnight and London Film Festival.

Wounds (2019) is the movie adaptation of the horror novel The Visible Filth, written by American author Nathan Ballingrud and published in 2015. In the book, when Will discovers a cell phone after a violent brawl his life descends into a nightmare. Affable, charismatic and a little shallow, he’s been skating across the surface of life in a state of carefully maintained contentment. He decides to keep the cell phone just until the owner returns and everything changes. Then the messages begin. Will’s discovered something unspeakable and it’s crawling slowly into the light.

Babak Anvari, winner in 2016 of awards at Sitges Film Festival, Viennale, British Independent Film Awards and BAFTA Awards for his previous movie the horror-thriller Under the Shadow (2016), has written the screenplay and directed Wounds (2019). Zazie Beetz, Dakota Johnson, Armie Hammer, Brad William Henke, Karl Glusman, Kerry Cahill, Jim Klock, Terence Rosemore, Martin Bats Bradford, Ben Sanders, and Alexander Biglane form the main cast.

Wounds (2019) is scheduled to be released in the United States on October 18, 2019, by Hulu. Netflix will distribute the film internationally in all territories outside of the USA on October 18, 2019. Here you can watch the first official trailer:

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