Trailer for “XX”, four horror tales by four female directors

Trailer for "XX", four horror tales by four female directors

Four deadly tales by four killer women” reads the slogan of the official poster for XX. And that is pretty much what we will find here! XX is a 4 short stories anthology directed by 4 female directors featuring the city of New York as their nexus. Altogether conducted by the narration conducted by Sofia Carrillo, director of the Best Animated Short winner at Fantastic Fest 2015 for La Casa Triste (2013).

Karyn Kusama, maybe the biggest name in this project for being the director of Jennifer’s Body (2009) or The Invitation (2015), delivers segment “Her Only Living Son“. Roxanne Benjamin, who already has experience in anthology films for being involved in the production of titles like Southbound (2015), V/H/S (2012) and V/H/S/2 (2013), writes and directs segment “The Fall“. Awarded short films veteran Jovanka Vuckovic brings segment, “The Box“. Finally rockstar and guitar goddess Annie Clark (aka St. Vincent) debuts behind the camera with segment “The Birthday Party“.

Other big name female directors like Jennifer Lynch or Jen and Sylvia Soska dropped out the project, but still the artistic line up is attractive enough. Do you need more evidence? Okay, check out the official trailer here:

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