Two new additions to the Netflix catalog: “Clown” and “Verónica”

Two new additions to the Netflix catalog: "Clown" and "Verónica"

The fans of horror films must be more than happy with the new additions the Video on Demand platform Netflix is announcing these last weeks. Besides Creep 2 (2017), as we reported recently, now we can inform of two new films which can already be found in their catalog. No more and no less that Clown (2014) and Verónica (2017).

Clown (2014) is one of these horror movies that have been cursed with a very bad distribution. Produced by Eli Roth and written and directed by Jon Watts, based on the fake trailer slash short film of the same name Clown (2010), this is the story of a loving father who finds a clown suit for his son’s birthday party, only to realize that it’s cursed. When the party is over, the poor man is unable to remove the clown costume, and this takes control over his own will. Bad news, the spirit possessing the clown suit loves to eat young kids. So the massacre is served.

Despite filmmaker Jon Watts being one of the most renown names in fantastic movies nowadays, thanks to his latest films Cop Car (2015), Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) and its upcoming sequel, Clown (2014) never enjoy the commercial distribution it deserved. After a fast run in genre festivals, it was a straight to video release in 2015 in the UK and in 2016 in the rest of the world. Now, being part of the Netflix catalog, it will finally be reachable for the big masses. Clown (2014) is starred by Andy Powers, Laura Allen, Peter Stormare, Christian Distefano, Chuck Shamata and Elizabeth Whitmere among others. Check out the trailer here:

The story of Verónica (2017) is a little different. It has been called by the audience and media the best Spanish horror movie in years, probably since those masterpieces [Rec] (2007) and [Rec] 2 (2009) were out. Directed and co-written by Paco Plaza, also one of the directors of the first 2 entries of the [Rec] saga, and also responsible of  [REC] 3: Genesis (2012) and Romasanta (2004), this will confirm the Spanish director as one of the most important names in European horror. The movie had a successful run in festivals this year such as Toronto International Film Festival or London Film Festival. It’s been also nominated to 7 categories for 2018 Goya awards, the so-called “Spanish Oscars”, including Best Film, Best New Actress, Best Director and Best Original Screenplay.

Verónica (2017), in the words from the press note from producers  Film Factory, is about young Veronica who has to take care of her little brother and sister since the death of their father. One day during a total eclipse of the sun, she and two friends decide to make an Ouija board in order to invoke her father’s spirit. At the very peak of the eclipse, the glass shatters. Veronica enters a kind of trance and passes out, frightening her friends. Veronica recovers and goes home. But there, she starts to pick up on slight changes: objects that move, breathing in the dark… And she’s still unaware of the horrific outcome that awaits her.

The movie is starred by a bunch of new and talented actors, and also include the presence of Ana Torrent, the star of the revolutionary film Thesis (1996), and Leticia Dolera, the newlywed zombie slayer in [REC] 3: Genesis (2012). Here is the international BFI London Film Festival 2017 trailer for Verónica (2017):

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