Warner Bros. wants to reboot THE MATRIX

Warner Bros. wants to reboot THE MATRIX

There were rumors for a while that said Warner Bros. wanted to squeeze a little big more the golden goose that was The Matrix franchise. The gossip was pointing to their intention of doing a few sequels, perhaps a new trilogy. But the latest thing we’ve heard about is that they have decided to reboot the franchise.

It is impossible that somebody doesn’t know this. The Matrix (1999) changed science fiction movies, and somehow also our own everyday. Not only because of their innovative special effects, choreographies and staging, but for the idea that our reality is not what we always have thought it was. Well, now aparently all this legacy is in the works to be redone.

Since the Wachowski Sisters, the creators of the original film, are busy with successful Netflix TV series Sense8 (2015 – ), and they have shown no interest at all in being part of this reboot, Warner Bros., together with original producer Joel Silver, are in the quest for a new cast and crew to carry on with this project. Zak Penn is in negotiations to be in charge of the screenplay. Veteran in super hero movies, he is the responsable of the texts for blockbusters like The Avengers (2012), The Incredible Hulk (2008), Elektra (2005) and several X-Men installations. If this is what the producers are looking for, to hit hard box offices at the sacrifice of originality and a timeless story, Zak Penn sounds like a good candidate.

Nothing is known yet about who might be directing or what names could set up the cast. Michael B. Jordan, recently popular thanks to titles like Fantastic Four (2015) and Creed (2015), sounds a favorite to incarnate one of the lead roles.

So while this all remains in the terrain of rumorology, let’s take a look at the trailer for The Matrix (1999) and remember one more time how this little film totally blew our minds off.

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