Watch the trailer of Taiwanese creature horror “Abyssal Spider”

Watch the trailer of Taiwanese creature horror "Abyssal Spider"

As they use in the movie catchline, “Can 2020 get any worse?”. And that is because, in Abyssal Spider (2020), a group of people is trapped on a boat and attacked by a gigantic arachnid sea monster. Well, why not? But let’s dig into that.

An unofficial translation from the film’s plot reads…

Rescue member Ajie and his companions rescued a reef tanker in the storm but met the captain who was stubborn and unwilling to give up. At the same time, a dark shadow haunted the deep sea and dragged everyone into the sea. The surviving Ajie from then on, bearing the shadow of the death of colleagues, became decadent and disheartened. Many years later, Ajie overcomes the shadow and boarded the fishing boat again, but he was constantly provoked by crew member Atai, deputy captain Ading and others. One day, everyone rescued Xiaojing who had fallen into the sea due to the overturning of the yacht. Subtle changes occurred on the boat due to Xiaojing’s intrusion. Accidents began to spread frequently on the boat. Some people fell into the sea and died unexpectedly, and food and drinking water were destroyed. Because of the space pressure in the cabin and the lack of air and food, people began to clamor and panic, turning from mutual support to self-suspicion. When the trapped people face the severe test of the storm, they find that the most dangerous thing is far more than this. There are unknown creatures under the water. The savage people must put aside their prejudices and work together to survive.

Abyssal Spider (2020) has been directed by Joe Chien, a filmmaker familiar with the horror genre also responsible for titles as Call of the Undead (2012), The Apostles (2013), Zombie Fight Club (2014), and The House That Never Dies: Reawakening (2017). He has been the author of the screenplay, together with Nelson Yan. Jen-Shuo Cheng, Aggie Hsieh, Chia-Yen Ko, Kang-sheng Lee, Lee-zen Lee, Andrew Lin, Kung-Wei Lu, and Sunny Wang star.

Abyssal Spider (2020) was released in Taiwan on September 11, 2020, although we will have to wait for international release dates. Here you can watch its official trailer.

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