Witches and ghosts take your house in “House of Shadows” and “Witches of Amityville Academy”

Witches and ghosts take your house in "House of Shadows" and "Witches of Amityville Academy"

It comes a time in someone’s life when you feel the need to communicate with the dead. Sometimes it’s deceased relatives, your loved ones, but some other times you just want to summon a motherfucking demon just for the fuck of it. Well, we all have our reasons, right? That’s what is going on in House of Shadows (2020) and Witches of Amityville Academy (2020).

House of Shadows (2020) centers on a woman who visits the mysterious house she has inherited, hoping to learn more about the deaths of her mother and late sister. Haunted by ghosts, she must uncover the truth behind the curse of the house, or become the next victim.

The movie has been written and directed by Nicholas Winter, a filmmaker that is used to work in the terrains of horror and who has been responsible for several short films and features including Breathe (2009), winner of the Festival Prize as Best Director in London Independent Film Festival in 2010, Lost a Girl (2015), Transhuman (2017), Caged (2018), and Bone Breaker (2020). Elena Delia, Yvonne Mai, Harriet Madeley, Luke Bailey, and Sam Newman form the main cast.

Here you can watch the trailer for House of Shadows (2020).

In Witches of Amityville Academy (2020), The Belle Witches have to revisit their magical talents to deter the evil Dominique Marcom from trying to raise the demon Botis into the world.

Rebecca Matthews, responsible for other horror titles like Pet Graveyard (2019), The Candy Witch (2020), and Bad Nun: Deadly Vows (2020), has been the director of the movie with a screenplay written by Tom Jolliffe. Kira Reed Lorsch, Donna Spangler, Nicola Wright, Georgina Jane, Sarah T. Cohen, Amanda-Jade Tyler, Jake Francis, Brittan Taylor, and Sophie Jay form the main cast.

Here you can watch the trailer for Witches of Amityville Academy (2020).

Both movies can be found since the first week of October in Video on Demand platforms.

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