“World War Z 2”: All the eyes are still on David Fincher

"World War Z 2": All the eyes are still on David Fincher

It is known by everybody that pretty much everything director David Fincher touches turns into a very good movie. With 10 feature films in his resumé, he has built over the years a very personal style, a unique way to tell the stories. That’s why the fact that all the eyes are on him to direct the movie World War Z 2 sounds like a good idea. Although thrillers might be his preferable ground, if David Fincher is finally the chosen one to direct this apocalyptic zombie film, it would mark his return to horror action, a  genre he didn’t exploit since his debut feature Alien³ (1992).

David Fincher has expressed repeated times his interest in the story, and his friend and frequent collaborator, star Brad Pitt, who also has the role of producer of the film, also has predilection for Fincher to direct. Then, what is the problem? Why is this deal so hard to close? The most possible reason is the delay the production is suffering due to the constant script problems. The story for this zombie sequel has been rewritten several times, and still lacks a final draft to start to work with. That is also the reason why J.A. Bayona, the originally chosen one to direct this film, had to drop the project due to schedule conflicts with Jurassic World 2, which is currently filming. Director of the first film World War Z (2013), Marc Forster, also claimed several times that he has no interest at all in taking control of the sequel. So he should be scrapped out from the poll.

Fincher movies are not cheap, but that shouldn’t be a big issue since the original World War Z (2013) grossed $540 million world wide, more than twice its budget. Another reason would be the fact that David Fincher has expressed his rejection on doing sequels. Besides the fact that his feature film debut was a sequel in the Alien franchise, he has rejected participating in follow ups of his films, like the recent case of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011).

Paramount Pictures pulled out Friday the 13th Part 13 last month, and seems they are doing the same with World War Z 2. But with a first class actor like Brad Pitt, if finally they manage to sign a first class director like David Fincher, the story could have a twist. According to Skydance CEO David Ellison, “Fincher has expressed interest in taking on the task. He really would like to do it. It’s up to Paramount“. Well, Paramount, you better green light the production this time or you might end up losing another great director. And after J.A. Bayona, Marc Forster and David Fincher moving out, not many star directors might want to step into the project. Is this the last chance to see the conceiving of World War Z 2?

Watch the trailer for World War Z (2013) here:

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