Aterrados (aka Terrified) (2017)

Aterrados (aka Terrified) (2017)MOVIE DETAILS
Name: Aterrados (aka Terrified)
Year: 2017
Country: Argentina
Director: Demián Rugna
Main cast: Ariel Chavarría, Maximiliano Ghione, Norberto Gonzalo
Runtime: 87 minutes
Production company: Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales (INCAA),Machaco Films

Terrified (2017), called Aterrados in its original Spanish language, is a modest low-cost Argentinian movie about a supernatural case happening in a quiet middle-class neighborhood in Gran Buenos Aires. Mysterious murders that can’t be explained via regular investigation procedures make two cops to ask for help to experts in paranormal researchers. Some sort of cops meeting The Conjuring (2013), but of course with a minute portion of the budgetary benefits the American blockbusters have.

Still, the main motor that moves Aterrados (2017) is the love for the horror genre, as it was mentioned by the filmmakers in the introduction of the movie at its screening at Sitges Film Festival. In the words of writer and director Demián Rugna, when he was a young horror aficionado he used to go to the video rental shop and always pick up the movies that had the Sitges stamp on its cover. That was his way to feed himself with hidden jewels of the genre and made him have this festival as one magic event. I can only imagine what feeling it would be to be presenting his latest movie in an auditorium here full of horror goers thirsty of a good scary session. And, in global terms, the movie didn’t disappoint!

Besides the obvious shortages due to the limited budget, Aterrados (2017) hosts an inherent quality. The story, summarized above, might not be the most original one, but the movie is built in a way that keeps the audience glued to the chair, staring at the screen, and fearing the next fright. At one point the plot gets spiced up with a mild science fiction twist which to me was refreshing. Nothing to complain about the actors, which deliver a good performance, essential keys for a movie of this sorts. The limitation for the use of special effects gets replaced by the dynamic narrative and the performances. A not so easy quest if we take into consideration that most of the movie happen in one location.

Overall, Aterrados (2017) is a horror movie made by horror fans and destinated to horror fans. No second lectures, no extra drama, only a terrifying story with a few frighting moments. The perfect title to be part of the line-up in any horror festival or event, it won’t disappoint.

RATE: 6/10


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