AVH: Alien vs. Hunter (2007)

 AVH: Alien vs. Hunter (2007)

Name: AVH Alien vs. Hunter
• Year: 2007
Country: USA

• Director: Scott Harper
• Main cast: William Katt, Dedee Pfeiffer, Wittly Jourdan
• Runtime: 85 minutes
• Production company: The Asylum

I love alien movies. I think it’s my favorite movie genre. Creatures from outer space. I don’t know what they have that attracts me so much, maybe it is the unknown cosmos, the mysteries of the stars, how societies that are hidden to us could exist… I have to admit that I mainly watch horror and action movies because I feel like there are not so many good alien movies out there. But if I could, I would watch a new alien movie every day.

I made this introduction to try to explain, which I can’t find words for it, how disappointed I was when I saw this movie. A movie with that name, with this kind of cover, I thought it would be some kind of Alien vs Predator rip off. That would had been good enough for me, a copy, no fresh ideas, but some entertaining action/alien film. I didn’t ask for good acting, good effects, good monsters or a good story. I craved for some entertainment to relax and for sure that’s NOT what I got here.

The movie is awful, horrible. The plot… is there a plot? “A galactic hunter chases down the most dangerous alien creature in the universe to planet Earth, where humanity is caught between predator and prey” it says on the back cover. Really? “The ultimate Alien vs Predator”, a quote signed by “the special effects masters of Fantastic Four”. Well, it’s either they drugged them or kidnapped some family member so they can make them subscribe that, or now I understand how can Fantastic Four can be so shitty if they are made by people who can enjoy this.

Acting is very bad. The characters are pointless and conversations are dull. The hunter seems taken from a low budget cosplay party. And the effects look like first attempts after using for the first time a 3D software demo. I think I can’t save one simple thing in this movie. The only positive thing, it won’t kill my will to watch alien movies, and the next one I see it’s going to be wonderful, compared with this one.

This movie is absolute punishment, believe me in this one.

My Rating: 1/10

URL IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1094162

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