El Habitante (2017)

El Habitante (2017)MOVIE DETAILS
Name: El Habitante
Year: 2017
Country: Mexico
Director: Guillermo Amoedo
Main cast: María Evoli, Vanesa Restrepo, Carla Adell
Runtime: 93 minutes
Production company: Bh5, Sobras International Pictures
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Guillermo Amoedo, probably more known for his collaboration as a scriptwriter with Eli Roth (was credited as a writer in Knock Knock (2015), Green Inferno (2013) or Aftershock (2012)), is also at the beginning of his career as a director. Having released his first feature called The Stranger in 2014, he comes this time with an invasion movie that twists into an exorcism experience.

The Mexican director certainly has a control over the atmosphere and the growing tension of the story, supported by a good cast (with a very young and talented Natasha Cubria), a good photography, and some surprises awaiting the spectator that manage to give a good rhythm to the narration of events. Then, why don’t I give the movie a better rating? Although this is just personal appreciation, and everyone has its own rankings and ways of measuring up a movie, I felt that the story was lacking a lot of originality and did support itself in some too improbable elements. It’s not terrible to watch, as said even if Amoedo is not an experienced director, we can see that he has good cinematographic notions and the movie does not look like an amateur experience. Yet, I couldn’t say it kept me attached until the end, and it certainly didn’t leave me the desire to watch it again. One of those films that once it’s seen you probably won’t come back to it in a lifetime. Done. Over.

I believe the movie can please the exorcism lovers, but for me, that I’m not a big fan of them, it ended up being too much of the same, that we’ve already seen so many times. And since it doesn’t have other threads or ideas to hold on, well… the feeling, in the end, was quite empty. But as we always say, go watch it and judge it for yourself.

RATE: 5/10

IMDB URL: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt6830412

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