Hirokin (2012)

Hirokin (2012)MOVIE DETAILS
 Name: Hirokin
• Year: 2012
Country: USA
: Alejo Mo-Sun

Main cast: Wes Bentley, Julian Sands, Angus Macfadyen
Runtime: 105 minutes
Production company: Hirokin Productions

A planet similar to ours, humans and almost-humans are in war. Evil human dictator Griffin wants to finally crash the resistance leaded by a pacifist philosopher called Moss. And the last hope for good in the planet is a lost sheep samurai-like that is fighting to get back his wife and son.Something like Mad Max 2 meets Conan meets The Matrix meets The Last Samurai.

Lots of good looking villagers (how cool other planets are only inhabited by underwear catalog models with pearl white teeth), treason plots, boredom, bad guys that look very mean and a couple of interesting fight scenes. The arena scene, although reminds you a lot of so many other movies like Gladiator, has some interesting points. No spoilers.

This movie is not interesting, already from the first scene you see it all won’t be able to take off. Decorations are simple (deserts, sand, dunes…), acting is lame but acceptable, but the story is not good, not much to do with it. And direction and editing are poor, very very poor. Not imaginative at all.

At least, you can still see a few familiar faces. The hero of the movie is played by Wes Bentley (we have seen him in American Beauty, Hunger Games, and with a small role in Interstellar), while the bad guy is played by Julian Sands (a classic in horror movies of the last decades). Some other recognizable faces in the cast, but no more biggies. Still, those actors with quite a haul on their backs can’t unhold a movie damned to mediocricy since the begining.

Maybe worth to give it a try if you like post-apocalyptic or/and “the chosen one” kind of films and you don’t have many high hopes, but quite boring and pointless if not.

My Rating: 2/10

URL IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1693679

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