Mal Nosso aka Our Evil (2017)

Mal Nosso aka Our Evil (2017)MOVIE DETAILS
Name: Mal Nosso aka Our Evil
Year: 2017
Country: Brazil
Director: Samuel Galli
Main cast: Fernando Cardoso, Ricardo Casella, Reinaldo Colmanetti
Runtime: 92 minutes
Production company: Alief + 4th & 7th Entertainment, Kauzare Filmes

At least for me, the best reason to go to a genre festival like Sitges Film Festival is to discover those little gems that quite surely would never have a big distribution and almost nobody will hear of them. And with no shadow of a doubt, I must agree Mal Nosso aka Our Evil is one of these films.

Debut film of writer, director and producer Samuel Galli, this dark film swims in the seas of a thriller and a drama, but one can always smell in the ambient that something is not going well there. The seed of classic horror is planted in this film since the very beginning. And eventually one can discover the plot, freed with a very measured dosage, and see that something evil will happen at the end of the film. The Devil will step in sooner or later, in one way or the other.

The scent of amateurism flies over the movie the whole time, it is obvious that this is a modest production, but that won’t stop creativity and a very well skill for creating tense moments that newby director Samuel Galli masters in an almost inborn manner. Blood and gore are not spared. And when it’s the turn of cruelty, it takes place with no mercy.

The story is based mainly on two characters, two absolutely opposed natures. First a decent, modest and loving father of a teenager girl, and then the ruthless and merciless contract killer. Why does the father must hire the hitman is something only revealed at the end of the film, in one of the most celebrated plot twists I have witnessed in the last years. And, of course, I won’t ruin the surprise now here.

Overall, I must admit Mal Nosso aka Our Evil might look like the uncomfortable and never in the mood movie to watch. But, seriously, give it a try because it is worth. For me, it was one of the best pieces seen at the Sitges Film Festival 2017. And one of the reasons why this kind of festivals should exist. I can’t wait to see what director Samuel Galli can do next, but so far I am expecting!

RATE: 7/10


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