OSOMBIE (2012)

 OSOMBIE (2012)
• Name: Osombie

• Year: 2012
Country: USA

• Director: John Lyde
• Main cast: Eve Mauro, Corey Sevier, Jasen Wade
• Runtime: 92 minutes
• Production company: Arrowstorm Entertainment

Okay, we reached a point where anything goes. Originality is hard to find, almost impossible, everything is invented. So for a few years, specially in monster/horror/action movies, the clue seems to be mixing 2 different things to create a new one. In monster movies we have all kinds of hybrid mixes, although sharks-mixed creatures seem to be the kings. In zombies we also have some peculiar bastards. We had Zombievers, zombie sheeps…, as many animals as you can imagine zombified. But someone decided to cross the line a little bit more and mix zombies with political/historical characters. Abraham Lincoln already had its 5 minutes of glory fighting against evil creatures, we already talked about that, but in this case the real character is not the hero fighter, but the villain mutant creature. And voilà, here we got, Osama Bin Laden as a zombie: Osombie.

Like (I assume) many people, when I saw the cover of this movie, I thought “ok, an hour and half of retardness, cliches and boring scenes with no talent”. But what a surprise when I found it being a more than entertaining piece! It’s not a stupid semi-amateur zombie movie, it’s actually a perfect crossover between a war movie and a classic surviver. It’s obvious that the budget is minimum, but it’s very very well done. Direction is way above the average, acting is good enough for you to emphasize with the characters and the action scenes are well filmed and edited. Of course, like in any other b-movie, the script is not bulletproof and there are some weak points, but still it can provide you some good time of entertainment and enjoyment.

The movie starts quite exciting and catches your attention since the very first moment. In the middle of the running there are moments where you might get a little bored, but soon the action starts back and goes thrilling until the end. For me that I don’t like war movies (I guess I am too much of a pacifist) I could get somehow attached with the characters. They tell their stories and their background, some die, some survive, you have your favorite characters but you still travel with them all along the film.

The film has it’s own pseudo scientific and politic plot, and besides you knowing that it’s fiction, it works very well. For me that I fully dislike ridiculous patriotic american movies, although in this one the heroes are american marines, gladly it doesn’t have the typical rancid patriotic anti-muslim speech. Many of us will be happy with that.

And to end this this, because soon it’s time to go for lunch, I want to set a consideration. Like many b-movies, there’s a lot of digitally added blood in the fight scenes, a lot of gore and splattering. It is IMPOSSIBLE that none of those fluids go to the face, eyes or mouth of the people fighting! You can’t go around slashing zombies with a katana and end up clean like if you are fresh out of the shower. Katana zombie slashers, wear a mask, or blood will get into you and you will turn!! I said.

Oh, and remember, if suicide bombers are so mindless to bomb themselves killing everybody around, why wouldn’t they take to walk around like brainless infidel-flesh eaters?

Enjoyable film indeed.

My Rating: 6.5/10

URL IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2141875

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