Ready or Not (2019)

Ready or Not (2019)MOVIE DETAILS
Name: Ready or Not
Year: 2018
Country: Canada, USA
Director: Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett
Main cast: Samara Weaving, Adam Brody, Mark O’Brien
Runtime: 95 minutes
Production company: Mythology Entertainment, Vinson Films


Weddings, one of the most surreal traditions we humans have. A celebration of love, or just the excuse to throw the most expensive party of your life? Is it an event for the married couple to enjoy or another justification for the families to show off social status and wealth? Like Christmas, another hard to justify celebration, weddings are so bizarre that it is not hard to understand why there are so many movies where these events are the center plot, especially comedies and horror movies, the two main genres where the excesses are the motors.

Ready or Not (2019) is the weddings-horror movie of the year. With a caricatural execution, the movie centers a young couple, him coming from a rich family owner of a table games empire, and her being purely in love and fearing the groom’s weird family. Because if meeting your lover’s family is always a tricky thing, just imagine if they are a bunch of eccentric rich bastards who have totally lost link with reality. Already a horrific situation, say no more.

Eccentric rich people have eccentric traditions, and our heroine finds herself in the middle of that. She must play a game, a very sadistic version of hide-and-seek, where she is the prey and the family are the hunters. A real human hunt. So what we have in hands here is a horror-comedy version of Hard Target (1993) with a bride running around a big mansion while the rich bastards and their service chase her with all kinds of fire weapons and sharp objects.

Although it is generous when it comes to gory effects, Ready or Not (2019) is the kind of movie focused more on the amusement than creating a deep or controversial content. And as a fun product, it works enough. Predictable but well-executed, the movie entertains without ups and downs for its hour and a half of running time. Samara Weaving, one of the most celebrated new faces in horror movies thanks to her participation in titles like The Babysitter (2017), Mayhem (2017) and the Ash vs Evil Dead (2015–2018) TV series, rises up as the main attraction of the movie with a fresh, funny, dramatic and intense performance.

As a product of Hollywood entertainment, Ready or Not (2019) works effectively. A sympathetic story with a dynamic script, a bunch of characters filled with cliches which work fine for the comical side of the movie, and a direction and edition that leaves no space to rest or boredom, the movie will satisfy both the skeptics and the popcorn cinema lovers. That is if you know what you are having in front, of course. Because if you are looking for a deep pensive and intellectual film you are going to be disappointed. Ready or Not (2019) is merely one of the most entertaining horror comedies of the year. Hollow but enjoyable. There is not much more to say.

RATE: 6/10


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