Revenge (2017)

Revenge (2017)MOVIE DETAILS
Name: Revenge
Year: 2017
Country: France
Director: Coralie Fargeat
Main cast: Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz, Kevin Janssens, Avant Strangel
Runtime: 108 minutes
Production company: M.E.S. Productions, Monkey Pack Films, Monkey Pack Films
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On Sunday I took a bloodbath. In a bathtub? No, in a cinema theatre. In the big Auditori Meliá Sitges, to be more precise. Because that day was the European premiere of this little French film called Revenge. It was introduced by its director, the debutant in a feature film Coralie Fargeat, which was visibly excited and nervous to be on that big stage. But she can be really proud and happy because the full auditorium cheered her movie unanimously.

Revenge is the story of three wealthy middle age married guys who meet at their annual gathering in a private luxury house in the middle of the desert. But one of them comes with his new conquest, the young, innocent and naive Jen. Instantly, the other 2 guests show interest in the little girl, the easy prey that has no idea in which nest of wolves she stepped into. And then, the inevitable happens. A little bit of raping, the three dudes having their inner discussion about how to solve the situation, and them taking the easy way: to dispose of Jen, get rid of the bitch, and problem solved. Anyway, who is going to miss a dumb slut like that? So that is what the three little piggies thought. And she was left for dead. But Jen didn’t die. And she is back and is going to take her revenge.

What happens from then on is just a festival of violence, blood and situations taken to the extreme. Many people could complain that the director left logic aside to focus on the crazy gory violence. But hey, this is entertainment!! And as a frantic entertainment piece, it works very well. Actress Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz gives the role the soul it needs, both in the early part of the movie when she is just a mere object for the pleasing of his master, or in the second half when she becomes a sanguinary hunter seeking vengeance. The action greatly filmed, quite surprising for a debut film, and the makeup and bloody effects are as realistic as excessive. Yep, the filmmakers managed to find an equilibrium in the middle of all the madness.

Director Coralie Fargeat also wrote the script for the film and collaborated in the editing. After seeing the movie, it is obvious that this is an author film, made from the vision of one person, a filmmaker that had the clear idea of making an explosive film to entertain as many people as possible. In an interview, she states the took influence from some of her movies from her childhood like the Rambo, Kill Bill and Mad Max sagas and Deliverance (1972), excellent references if you want to make a crude action flick.

Personally, I enjoyed Revenge a lot. And I will recommend it to all my friends. It is yet to see if it will be the best movie seen at Sitges 2017, or if it ends up achieving an award (which I would consider well deserved), but for sure this movie has left a good impression on all the audience members we had the honor to attend the screening. Watch it if you have the chance.

RATE: 7/10


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