Romina (2018)

Romina (2018)MOVIE DETAILS
Name: Romina
Year: 2018
Country: Mexico
Director: Diego Cohen
Main cast: Francisca Lozano, Arantza Ruiz, Oliver Nava
Runtime: 77 minutes
Production company: Netflix (distribution)


There are some things I can’t understand. I see how a platform like Netflix, which is in a perpetual fight to remain one of the top Video on Demand services worldwide, needs fresh content constantly. I approve that they focus on expanding their titles catalog with all sorts of films, shows, documentaries, etc. The most miscellaneous content they offer the better since they aim to please as many viewers as possible. That is fair, I like that, variety is always good. But, seriously, can’t they just add a minimum filter to those additions?

Overall, Romina (2018) is a very low-cost Mexican movie. Low cost in budget, ideas and talent. It centers a group of teenage friends as they go camping at a remote site where one by one are being killed. So far, not much originality here. But it gets worse. This movie seems to be closer to a high school project that won’t even get a good grade than a professional production. Nothing at all can be salvaged here. If the story was already dull, the conversations between the characters are just utterly unsubstantial. The failed attempt to pretend to make the characters deeper by the constant use of cursing words is as comical as pathetic.

The movie is produced, written, directed, edited, filmed and scored by Diego Cohen. A total failure in all the tasks. It was already comical how bad the music was used in the supposed to be climax scenes. The editing cuts are senseless. There is not much of a story but that bad editing made the whole thing even more chaotic. And makeup special effects look like bought them on sale at their local gifts and pranks shop for the Halloween season. It was raining up there in the movie sets so I guess they left the talent home so it doesn’t get spoiled.

I am being honest. I don’t see how a Netflix executive has seen this movie and then accepted it to be part of the catalog. Nobody wins here! This does nothing but feeding the saying that the popular streaming service is becoming a huge movies dumpster. Seriously, avoid it.

RATE: 0,5/10


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